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Tea Tours:

     More than a decade ago, we virtually invented the budget and fully escorted tea tours to China. Since then we've refined the concept of low-cost travel packages. Although others have jumped on the tea-travel bandwagon, our prices are still the best value--starting as low as $60 per day.

     Traveling with Trois G Tea is far easier and more funs and more specialties than going it alone but you still get to do what you want. Our team of experts has refined our itineraries to combine the must-see sights with significant time on your own. We not only offer more choice of activities, e.g. tea treks and dining on local fare, we also offer longer stays in key cities for more flexibility in our itineraries.

     Once you've discovered the special advantages of traveling with Trois G Tea, you'll never want to travel any other way again. Trois G Tea Tour is "A Smart Way To Go."

Here are projected tea tours for the year of 2021:

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