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    Tea, compressed into tea bricks, was traceably introduced to Lhasa, Tibetan (Tubo) area, Burma, Nepal, India and even some European counties during the Tang dynasty (618-907), following the path with natural wonders of long gone Tea-horse caravans. Across the dangerous hills and rivers of HengDuan Mountain Range and the rooftop of the World, those ancient traders could take one-year journey to reach their destinations. The following distinct map, made of Pu-erh tea, shows one of the world's highest and most precipitous ancient roads which carried precious cargo—tea but also spread civilizations and culture.

Tea to Lhasa Tibet

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China Tea Road Map
Item No. K57136
with Oak Wood Frame

 Tea Brick Map Item No. K57136 Tea Brick-China Tea Road Map

The major transportation of tea were embarked by horses and camels in centuries ago of China. Just as this, tea was compressed into tea bricks to make their transportation's more efficient and easy by following this map from Eastern China to other countries. It is truly an inherited artwork.  The The Ancient Road Map of Tea and Horsetitle of this brick on the upper right corner is "The Ancient Road Map of Tea & Horse" (in Chinese: Cha Ma Gu Dao). And the bottom left corner says as below:

"Pu'er Tea:
According to historical records, Pu'er was the distribution center of tea leaves produced in South.
Tea Brick Map CertificateYunnan tea leaves distributed in Pu'er became known as Pu'er tea. Technically speaking, Pu'er tea refers to fermented tea leaves made of Yunnan big-leaf green tea using traditional tea processing tea uniques."

Size: 15 inches width, 11 inches length and 1 inch thickness.
Weight: 5.73 pounds (net weight of tea: 2200 g)
Shipping: Within 24 hours. Cost: $85.99/piece

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