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Premium Teas On-line Shopping:

      Online Tea Products Shopping at Trois G Tea Co. is to introduce and to provide the premium teas (cha) of the world to you, and to make them accessible, competitive, delicious and easy. Most of teas are made from the young, tender leaves of the tea bushes. Based on the particular methods of processing those leaves and packing, we classify the differences of teas into the following categories and hope to bring the world of tea to your computer screen as comprehensively as possible.

Green Tea Green Tea
Black Tea Black Tea
Oolong Tea Oolong Tea
White Tea White Tea
Scented Tea Scented Tea
Organic Tea Organic Tea
Tea Brick Tea Brick
Tea In Tin Vacuum Packaged Tea In Tin
Blended or Flavored Tea Blended or Flavored Tea
Tea Sampler Tea Sampler


Tea Processing

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