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Tea Classroom:


      Tea class opportunities abound for the novice, tea lover and aficionado, who wants to gain more knowledge and experience or improved ability to recognize a 'good' tea, or for the experimental-minded looking to join the tea profession.


      Whatever level of experience and knowledge you may have for tea, you'll find these sites offer a good mix of online study and traditional brick-and-mortar schools offering on-site education.


      Knowledge of the benefits and other uses of tea is the basis for continuing tea research in China, Japan, India and other Asian lands and new investigations in the West.


     Stepped-up research on tea's relation to tea foods have led to the uses of tea and its derivatives in treating some illness. With the fast pace of life today, most people find it hard to make the time for four cups of tea every day, for which some researchers suggest. The Chinese solution is to incorporate tea into cooking.  You too can enjoy not only its unique flavor in your cooking, but a healthier mind and body.Tea_Foods


    We also hope that by bringing to the West the story of tea in China, and of Chinese teas and their lore, some of which has never been 'showed off' before, more people will begin to leap the cultural gap and share with China this, his discovery--for the enjoyments and for the creative imaginations.


      Green Tea Cooking with tea
      Green Tea Tea Story

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