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      Thanks to the special attributes of teapots in the ability of retain both heat and flavor, and their elegantly shapes, purple clay (Zisha) tea pots are overwhelmingly recommended as excellent and ideal brewing vessels for tea. For almost a century, YiXing teapots, which first appeared during the Sung Dynasty (960-1279) in the Yixing region of Jags province, China, have been attaining their signature famous throughout China, Europe, Japan and America.  From some geological surveys, the Yixing area is the world’s only source for the unique clay from which our following teapots are made, called purple or red clay. Those tea wares are valued for their fine and solid texture, thin walls, very low thermal conductivity and naturally beautiful coloration ranging from light buff to deep maroon tones. Highly prized for clay’s porous nature, consisting of quartz, kaolin, mica and iron oxide, but not chemically remarkable, our tea pots are free of lead, arsenic, cadmium and other toxic materials. Now as then, each tea pot is shaped by hand and left unglazed, both because it makes better tea and because doing so allows the color of the clay to shine through. Not only are the tea pots ideal brewing vessels, but also they are beautiful and unique works of art, which lead a quite bit of hectic collections.


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