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      Trois G Tea Company, Inc., locating in the vicinity of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, has been importing and specializing in tea, teapots and tea accessories over a dozen of years. Being more than a drink, tea forms interesting legends and an intensive culture, which influence human health and habits, enjoyment and even environments. With the purposes of self-experiencing and exploring, we frequently launch, organize and lead tea tours to tea gardens serving with tea foods, tea rooms and other related historical sites in China. No doubts, tea has been long considered as pleasures of life and imbues tea drinking with greater meaning than is applied.

     Our mission is “to improve your health, to enhance your lifestyle and to foster our environmental responsibility by sipping premium teas, as business that promotes economic fairness ”.

     By offering easy access to high-quality and competitively priced teas, tea wares and related products, we serve more than 100 varieties of loose leaf teas, packaged in bags or tins, art teas, tea bricks, teapots and some tea tours in this web site. All our teas, including tea bricks and art teas, are tested or cupped on the regular basis to make sure that they meet both human consumption and the industrial standards. To keep your tea fresh, we always repackage them after your ordering.  Tea bricks, teapots and accessories are always checked and inspected by our professionals before they are shipped out to you, to ensure their integrity and functionalities.

     In closing, Trois G Tea Company, Inc., a close knit group of professional enthusiasts, is dedicated to introduce a widely range of teas, tea wares and tea tours in our online shop, that you may just savor the taste of those teas with you collected tea wares and tea memories in your own living room or office or even in your car. To certain extend, you may profoundly comprehend the conception of “Better to be deprived of food for three days than tea for one", which is commented by Lu Yu, the greatest apostle of tea in ancient China.

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